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According to Gartner, software audits have seen an increase over the last few years. Software vendors use the audit process as both a stream of revenue generation as well as a mechanism to stop piracy. Given this backdrop, it is important for organisations to invest in processes that can help them efficiently manage their software assets. The prime objective of this is to remain compliant with the terms and conditions that govern software licensing contracts. Therefore, it is imperative to have a governing procedure to track the software asset from the time it has been acquired to the time it is decommissioned. By keeping track of software license acquisition – i.e., the type of contract – and the way it is used (number of installations, etc.), you will be able to verify if you are in compliance with your vendor’s software license agreement.

By devising a comprehensive Software Asset Management plan, it will be easier for larger organisations to keep track of software licensing requirements and to stay compliant. This is especially true in an environment where several software providers have made many changes to their licensing models that restricts usage per CPU, Named User Plus (NUP), etc., which adds to the complexity of the nature of licensing.

Such frequent changes in licensing rules coupled with the lack of software management and control tool puts organisations at risk of non-compliance. Not to mention the large financial risk arising out of negative reporting in software audits.

If you feel your organisation is at risk of non-compliance, it is better to be proactive and reach out to an independent consulting firm which can advise you in mitigating such risks. iTechDomain assists with Software Audit and provides consulting to stay software audit compliant.


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