Open Source E-commerce in Dubai

Open Source E-commerce Technology

The success of an e-commerce business depends on several factors. The way your e-commerce website is structured has a significant bearing on whether or not visitors find it intuitive and easy to navigate. An easy to manoeuvre website improves checkout rate, reduces cart abandonment while favourably impacting the overall customer experience. As more and more brick-and-mortar stores queue-up to get online, the competition continues to rise in this space. Therefore, to stay ahead of competition, you need a professionally designed e-commerce portal tailored to meet your business requirements. Developing an e-commerce portal with the help of in-house teams can be both expensive and time-consuming. In order to beat time and cost overruns and yet develop a world-class portal, you can rely on our expertise in Open Source e-commerce.

At iTech, we deliver:

The rationale in opting for an Open Source e-commerce solution as opposed to an off-the-shelf alternative is to enable small or medium-sized business to mitigate risks associated with cost-overruns, avoid technological complexity while enhancing agility in time-to-market. Our expert e-commerce consultants will work with you in each step of your e-commerce store development – right from conceptualization to deployment. We work on a number of Open Source solutions including Magento, WooCommerce, UberCart, etc.

  • Aesthetically designed and intuitive e-commerce portal
  • Scalable architecture
  • Comprehensive support and maintenance

Why Choose iTechDomain?

We bring the following key strengths to the table:

  • Development team with deep expertise in the area
  • Implementation experience across both small and large-sized companies
  • Cross-industry development experience
  • Leverage best practices and methodologies
  • 100% transparency
  • Communication & support via phone/skype
  • On-time delivery
Open Source e-commerce in Dubai


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