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BPO Industry

Delivering exceptional customer experience for each customer interaction does not happen by accident. It is done by design and with persistent technology-enabled efforts. iTech equips you with the contact center tools and integrations you need to achieve your goals. Our Call Centre software provides flexible solutions for inbound, outbound, and blended contact center environments. Our platform operate focusing on three basic value levers viz reliability, flexibility and accuracy. You can rely on our call routing mechanism to ensure smooth customer interaction and near-zero call-drop scenario during call transfer.

A typical call center software is a suite of tools designed to enable organizations to handle call volumes optimally while maximizing on the available resources. You can rely on our offering for all your mission critical objectives such as improving agent performance, data analysis, meet your customer experience goals, etc. Our software platform comes with Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Call Monitoring functionality, call analytics and many other cutting-edge features.

These features enable superior IVR self-service while reducing discords in agent-assisted conversations. Regardless of whether yours is a mid-scale or a small business, our contact center solutions offer features that can help meet your specific requirements. If you are seeking consulting to optimize your call-centre performance, improve agent productivity and other metrics that impact the performance of your business, you can rely on our deep expertise in back office management. We can work with you to understand your specific requirements and design tailored solutions to enhance performance.


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