Web Analytics Services in Dubai

Web Analytics Services

Web Analytics helps provide greater context and clarity to all your marketing activities. Analytics can be leveraged to better comprehend user behaviour and website interaction, improve leads and conversion ratio, increases average ticket size of purchases made, helps understand reasons for cart abandonment, drive desired actions on the website such as brochure downloads, newsletter subscriptions, etc. Analytics can be broadly classified into Clickstream Analytics, Social Media Analytics, Mobile Analytics, Conversion Optimization and Tag Management. Each of these disciplines help you in moving a step closer to your desired marketing objective by utilizing actionable insights.

There are a host of analytics applications available out there. It can be cumbersome to identify which analytics application is best suited for your specific marketing needs. We provide consulting to help you determine the best analytics application for your specific requirements. Further, once you have chosen an analytics application, you will need to work with your IT team to install appropriate tags or JavaScript codes. In order to reduce or eliminate dependency on IT for installing codes on the website from time-to-time, we can help with installing and managing a tag manager for you.

Tag management applications help improve your marketing response times and hasten the campaign set-up process. Whether you need to install a remarketing tag, or need to set up conversion tracking for PPC, or need to install your Facebook pixel, all these tags can be installed in a jiffy with the help of a tag management application.

iTechDomain brings expertise in Web Analytics configuration and management. If you are looking for assistance with campaign measurement and other insights for your digital campaigns, get in touch with us to schedule a detailed discussion.


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