Education Industry in Dubai

Education Industry

Education management is no longer manual as it used to be a decade or so earlier. From the classroom to everything else associated with education is today enabled by technology. Apart from the use of technology to deliver online courses, run smart classrooms; technology has also simplified the management of educational institutions. Educational institutions are increasingly falling back on ERP solutions to improve operations, smoothen the administrative process, and to make learning more immersive and interactive.

iTech has helped educationists create an environment conducive for learning. We offer a single end-to-end education management ERP solution that accommodates the varied needs of administrators, teachers/instructors, parents and students. Each user of our ERP users has a different need from the solution. For instance, an administrator’s objective will be to increase usage of the Education ERP solution, improve communication, etc. The management’s objective, on the other hand, would be to get parents more involved in students’ overall academic progress. Our solution is designed to cater to each of these different expectations. The features include streamlining the assessment process, enabling inter and intra-school student interaction, biometric-enabled attendance management, bulletin boards, rich reporting and a host of other features.

iTech uses its rich industry experience in the field to provide consulting and implementation assistance to help you transition from your legacy system to switch to our integrated education ERP management system.


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