Ecommerce Industry in Dubai

Ecommerce Industry

Today, customers are spoilt for choices. Therefore, the single-largest focus of retailers in the current context is to enhance customer loyalty. Given customers interact with retail brands across multiple channels – physical store, web, mobile, social media, etc., it is important to identify customers regardless of which channel they use to engage and interact. Using legacy applications, it is difficult to obtain a unified view of customers. Hence, there is a pressing need for advanced enterprise management or CRM system. Further, as the number of channels available for customer interaction increases, the data pertaining to those interactions too increase incrementally. Further signifying the need for a seamless and agile ERP or CRM solution.

Our ERP solutions for retail helps in automating the business process and in linking every step of a multi-channel retail business – including e-commerce, order management, marketing, and customer support. With extensive experience in retail and e-commerce practices, iTech offers in-depth technology and consulting expertise, which helps retailers to meet business needs amid the emerging technology challenges.

Today, customers demand a seamless, unified shopping experience. They expect personalized experience across channels. They also expect to be able to shop anywhere, pay using multiple payment options anywhere and receive merchandise anywhere. In order to meet these renewed expectations, retailers need to establish unified systems that can provide a 3600 view of the customer, order-flow and business. iTech enables retailers to meet these expectations with robust CRM systems. Whether you are a retailer with multiple channels or business models catering to customers across geographies, we provide the technology enablers you need to manage your business.

Our objective is to enable retailers of all types and sizes to innovate and focus on increasing profits and customer loyalty while you delegate the management of complex technology implementation to us. As customer behaviour continues to evolve, your business needs to adapt to remain relevant in the changing environment. We provide technology solutions to future-proof your retail business with cloud-based solutions.


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